David Hartnett was born in Cork, Ireland to John HARTNETT and Mary Anne COLLINS.

He was charged with vagrancy at the Spring Assizes on March 30. Six others were also charged. He was sentenced to 7 years transportation. At the time his occupation was listed as errand boy and he was 17 years old. He had a former conviction simply stated as “second 3 months” (I am assuming that this means the first conviction was for 3 months).

From here he was sent to the hulk, Elset(?) but this was burnt.
He was transferred to the hulk Surprise and from there to the convict ship, Edward 2nd.

The Edward sailed on August 23.

On November 2nd 1830, ten members of the Ribbon Boys were hanged in Bathurst for their crimes. They included some of the convicts assigned to John Liscombe of Bathurst – Ralph Entwhistle William Gahan. Another two had died of wounds before reaching Bathurst. This was the first and largest public hanging in Bathurst. The site of the hanging is now marked by a lane in Bathurst known as “Ribbon Gang Lane”.

“In 1830 there were no planned streets and Bathurst consisted of buildings dotted about the landscape. The site for the scaffold was chosen because it was close to the gaol and court house but these were not the structures that exist today or even the ones that preceded them. In 1830 the gaol stood in what is now lower William Street but the location of the court house at that time is unknown.” [Theo Barker – A History of Bathurst – 1992]

David Hartnett arrived in Sydney on February 22 on th Edward II. and from the ship he was assigned to John Liscombe of Bathurst.
John LISCOMBE became the owner of Mount Tamar. He was also Bathurst’s first stock and station agent. He had lost a number of his assigned convicts as a result of the Ribbon Gang. John LISCOMBE who wasalso the landholder of a property called “Stowford” about 12 miles SW of Bathurst, N.S.W.

David was Roman Catholic and could neither read nor write. He was 18 and single, 5ft 4¾ inches, “ruddy, pockpitted and freckled” with dark brown hair and light brown eyes. He had a number of markings:

Crucifiction, sun moon and stars, DHJH on his right arm
Bishop on upper left arm, NW on lower left arm
Large scar on the outside of the left arm
large scar on back of the right hand
David Hartnett was granted his Certificate of Freedom at Bathurst on August 3 (longer than 7 years).

Gold was found in conjunction with Copper on Thomas Iceley MLC, property “Coombing” near Carcoar.

On August 18 at 2pm David (shown in the records as Harnotts) was admitted to Bathurst Gaol for a confinement of 48 hours. He was there for “contempt of court” and was released on August 20. His occupation was listed at the time as labourer. (prison entry no: 187)

David married Mary McKENNA on July 15 in Bathurst at the Church of St Michael and John. David was 40 and Mary Ann was 25.

She was the daughter of Richard McKENNA and Anne CONLON and was born in Ireland.
When they married they were both living in Bathurst -David was a brickmaker and Mary was a servant. She had arrived 4 years earlier, in 1857, on the John Bunyan which arrived in Sydney on October 20. She is listed as 24 years old (which conflicts with her age at marriage) and had come from Dundalk in County Louth, Ireland, where her parents were still living. Like David she could neither read nor write and was Roman Catholic. She was in good health and had paid 10/- for her assisted passage although she had no relatives here at the time.

Daughter Mary Teresa was born in Howick Street on June 30.
David was still a brickmaker at the time.

John O’Meally and Johnny Gilbert, members of Ben Hall’s bushranging gang, attempted Australia’s first daylight bank robbery in Carcoar. Casually fronting the teller of the old Commercial Bank Gilbert demanded all of the money in the bank. But the clerk produced a pistol and took a shot at them and the pair fled.

The Hartnetts were in the Carcoar district from at least 1864 to 1870 as 3 children were born there. (Their daughter Mary married there in 1882.)

Son Michael was born in the Carcoar district.

Another son, John Thomas was born on 13 January in the Carcoar district. (In his father’s death certificate his age was such that he was born around 1867. I can’t find his birth/death in the BDMs).

Daughter Louisa was born. [This date is taken from her father’s death certificate so could be approximate. Not found in the BDMs].

Catherine was born in the Carcoar district. (She isn’t listed on her father’s death certificate but appears in the NSW BDMs)

A Thomas Hartnett married Mary Gammage in Yass. [ no proof yet that this is our Thomas but this would have made him a 15 yr old husband!]

When David was 69 his daughter, Mary, married William LOUGH in Carcoar. She was 20 years old. [She was living there at the time but it is not yet known whether the Hartnett family was also there. I am assuming so as the children were born there].

Catherine Hartnett married Walter JONES in the Tumut District [ no proof yet that this is our Catherine but this would make her a 15 yr old bride]

Michael JJ HARTNETT married a Sarah A. Whitworth in Sydney. [It is not yet established if these were our Michael].

David HARTNETT was admitted to the Macquarie St Asylum at Parramatta on January 1.

He died at the age of 84 at 4.15am on April 23 at the Macquarie Street Asylum in Parramatta.
He was buried at Rookwood the next day in a common grave in the old Catholic Section (1897; C590; Section P). The site is now below a busy Homebush street.

Note: He appears on various records as: William Harnett, David Hartnett, Harden, Harnotts, Hartnell.