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This is the tricky part for me – how to present this all in a logical, easy to follow way. I’ve decided to start by breaking the tree into two broad sides – Jim’s LOW-KELSO line of ancestors, and my LOUGH-HELSON collection. Under each I have listed the surnames on each side.

Jim and Valda

Valda and Jim on their very rainy wedding day!

Briefly, we married on January 15 1972 in the Sydney suburb of Eastwood on a very wet Saturday afternoon. We had met as young school teachers in the small New South Wales country town of Binnaway and the rest, as they say, is history (more on that later!)

We are not the end of the line any more. Our 2 wonderful daughters are now married and we are very lucky to have 3 delightful and very special grandchildren – the tree has grown! So now added to the family names are SHAW and DURRANT and their ancestors also appear below our LOW-LOUGH lines.

Fleshing all this out will be interesting!