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Was Alexander Low on the Friendship?

The Friendship, under the command of Captain John Wilson, sailed from Port Chalmers on October 10 1877 for Macquarie Island. It was carrying on board a replacement crew for those on Macquarie Island – Captain Donald Sinclair and a small gang engaged by Cormack, Elder […]

Alexander Low and the Iron Age

Family history says that Alexander Low formed a syndicate to search for the General Grant which had been shipwrecked with its cargo of gold in 1866. He did indeed join with others to buy a steamer. On June 24 1877, just 3 months before the […]

Alexander Low and the SS Matau

The Union Steamship Company, which is said to be responsible for the development of shipping in New Zealand, began in that country in Dunedin in 1875. In this initial year, the Union Steamship Company had 5 coastal ships. On 1 October 1875 Alexander Low commenced […]