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PEGGY BROOKS – Sweetheart of Song

Listen as David Low introduces Peggy singing When You’re Smiling, on The Ford Show  Peggy Brooks was born Jean Linda Switzer in 1912 Footscray, Vic, to Henry Andrew Switzer and Emily Jean McCubbin, (known as Harry and Emma). She studied toe, ballet, and tap dancing […]

Basil Low 3: The Automatic Stamping Machine (pre- WW1)

<— 2: Starting a Career                                                                4: Maritime Wireless Company —> The Automatic Stamping Machine Company Limited On his return from Lake Tekapo, his good friend Edgar Pannell suggested he consider starting in employment with Mr Ernest Moss, and his company, […]

Basil Low 2: Starting a Career

<— 1: Childhood                                                                                  3: Automatic Stamping […]