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The Hoppings Emigrate to Australia

The Hopping Emigration:
I understand that the first HOPPING to emigrate went to CANADA.

In the 1850s there was a family emigration. They went three ways:
1. America
2. New Zealand
3. Australia

Bound for Australia
Three of the four sons of Daniel and Hanna HOPPING of CAMDEN TOWN, England, emigrated to Australia. The whereabouts of the fourth son, Daniel, is unknown. He was born in 1818.

William HOPPING and his wife, Lavinia, left Southampton on 24th August 1853. They sailed on the Hertfordshire as assisted immigrants and arrived in Sydney on 10th December 1853. William was a 33 yer old brickmaker and Lavinia was 34.

Charles HOPPING and his wife Charlotte left Newcastle on 10th March 1855. They sailed on the Libertas as assisted immigrants and arrived in Sydney on 28th June, 1855. Charles was a 32 year old brickmaker and Charlotte ws 37.

Benjamin HOPPING and his wife Sarah left Southampton on 16th December 1855. They sailed on the Maitland as assisted immigrants and arrived in Sydney on 24th Aril 1856. Benjamin was a 23 year old brickmaker and Sarah was 20.

2 thoughts on “The Hoppings Emigrate to Australia”

  • I would like to point out that the “Libertas” arrived in Newcastle NSW on 28/6/1855, it was carrying experienced railway workers to be employed on the Newcastle ( Honeysuckle Point) to East Maitland Railway. The vessel did not call into Sydney.


    • Thanks for the comment, David. Much apppreciated.
      They did indeed arrive on the Libertas as assisted immigrants, arriving on June 28 1855. I stand corrected if it didn’t arrive in Sydney. Perhaps I just assumed it went there first as the State Archives say “Sydney and/or Newcastle”! They also listed Charles’ brother as being already here and living in Parramatta.

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