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The Hoppings Emigrate to Australia

The Hopping Emigration: I understand that the first HOPPING to emigrate went to CANADA. In the 1850s there was a family emigration. They went three ways: 1. America 2. New Zealand 3. Australia Bound for Australia Three of the four sons of Daniel and Hanna […]

What do we know about “Hopping”?

Name Derivation: The name,HOPPINGUS, (Hopfields) means “living between two hills and a valley, or “hopping from one to the other”. It also describes someone who lived on raised ground within a marsh. The Place: There exists a compete record for the place for the year […]

Wilhelmina Kreis

Wilhelmina KREIS (Mina to her family) was my great grandmother. She was born on 11 December 1865 in Evangelisch, Egnach, Thurgau, Switzerland to Anna and Ulrich KREIS, the fourth or nine children. When she was 12 she emigrated with her parents and siblings on the […]