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Basil Low 3: The Automatic Stamping Machine (pre- WW1)

<— 2: Starting a Career                                                                4: Maritime Wireless Company —> The Automatic Stamping Machine Company Limited On his return from Lake Tekapo, his good friend Edgar Pannell suggested he consider starting in employment with Mr Ernest Moss, and his company, […]

Basil Low 2: Starting a Career

<— 1: Childhood                                                                                  3: Automatic Stamping […]

Basil Low 1: Childhood

[Basil Carlisle Low is Jim’s father. This is his early story, based on his own writing.] 2: Starting a Career ––> Basil Carlisle Low was born in “Tamora Cottage”, just above the old Princess Theatre in Dunedin, New Zealand, on 28 May, 1889. He was […]