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Why Wattle Dell?

It isn’t easy thinking of a name for your site, is it? I wanted something that sounded cosy and had an Australian feel. I also wanted a name that gave the impression of nature and creativity. Couple all this with my interest in collecting and family history and – there you have it, Wattle Dell.

For me, it’s perfect. Wattle, obviously, because it is our most recognised Australian flower. It also grows in abundance here in the Blue Mountains where I live. I have always thought the word “dell” invokes images of ferns and fairies, things hidden under rocks and clusters of bluebells. It reminds me of cool shady places and treasures. Together, they are a special part of my family’s heritage.

A favourite couple in my past were my great uncle and aunt, Rita and Tom. Rita was my grandmother Amy’s cousin and Tom was my grandfather’s brother. We visited them often in my younger days. They handed down to me the precious gift of a family Bible which was given to Tom’s grandmother (my great-great grandmother) in 1860 as a wedding present from her uncle Robert Sime. It was a wonderful gift that sparked my long interest in family history.

The home they lived in was Rita’s family home, built by her father, George Hopping, the first mayor of Ingleburn. It was called Wattle Dell.

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